Monday, March 10, 2008

Lose the J.Lo, Jennifer Lopez tells People magazin

DAILY NEWS STAFF : That's Jennifer to you. Jenny from the Block does not want to be called J.Lo - at least not in an upcoming People story.

Lopez demanded her most popular nickname be banned from an upcoming feature in People magazine, reported Friday afternoon.

The Bronx-born diva and newly-minted mom made nixing the moniker a condition when she granted People the rights to publish the first photos of her twins, Max and Emme.
People paid a reported $6 million for the privilege of running the baby pics.

The superstar from the block also reportedly stipulated that hubby Marc Anthony snap the photos himself.
"This is absurd, but thanks for the additional publicity on the pictures," said a People magazine spokeswoman about the reports. Representatives for Lopez were unavailable for comment.

The next step in Lopez's apparent quest to control how she's presented in glossy magazines? After her successes as a dancer, actor, singer, and fashion designer, perhaps celebrity reporter is up next. She can profile herself.

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