Monday, June 30, 2008

Jennifer Lopez sued for £2.5m over dog attack

American actress Jennifer Lopez is being sued for 2.5million pounds by a flight attendant who claims she was attacked by the singer’s guard dog two years ago. According to 40-year-old Lisa Wilson, the incident took place during a US flight on a private jet, reports the Sun.J-Lo’s guard dog Floyd had bitten Wilson on the leg and she suffered other injuries because of it.

The airhostess revealed that because of the bite she fell down very badly and needed back surgery, which is keeping her from her work.
The 38-year-old pop diva has also been ordered by a court to reveal what she saw of a New York nightclub shooting in 1999. (ANI)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jennifer Lopez's Big Surprise For Her Littlest Fans!

Despite being a superstar, wife and mother of twins, JENNIFER LOPEZ happily took time out of her busy schedule to surprise some of her biggest fans on Tuesday.

ET confirms a group of 10 and 11-year-old kids from a Staten Island, New York elementary school for autistic children loved her song "Let's Get Loud" so much that they learned all the lyrics and dance moves from the video and even decided to write J.Lo -- simply expecting maybe a picture or autograph in return.

But to their surprise, Lopez attended their graduation where they performed her songs for her!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony: Out In NYC

Looking the oh-so-swanky couple, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were spotted out in New York City over the Father’s Day weekend - leaving a private function arm-in-arm. Lopez recently returned to the Big Apple following a short trip to the nation’s capital this past week, during which she met with senators about healthcare and education issues. While there were reports that Lopez was actually there to meet Barack Obama’s staff, a representative the 38-year-old South Bronx native denied these claims.

“Tuesday afternoon, Ms. Lopez was on (Capitol) Hill with her sister to meet with staff members of several senators to discuss issues she is interested in, such as healthcare and education,” her rep told People. “She did visit Obama’s office, but the senator was not there. She did not meet him, but did discuss healthcare with members of his staff.
“She just came in for the meeting and departed,” Obama’s spokesman confirmed. “It was not campaign-related.”

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'Fall' gorgeous but convoluted

Imagine "The Bucket List" if it were really shot in all those exotic locales the geezers supposedly visited. Now, imagine "The Bucket List" with a terribly told story. Put them both together and you've got "The Fall," a gorgeous piece of globe-trotting adventure with the imaginative discipline of a bacterium. Based on an obscure Bulgarian movie, this is the second film directed by music video (R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion") and commercials wiz Tarsem Singh. His first was theJennifer Lopez whatsit "The Cell," which was pretty good-looking and surrealistically inane, too.

The director tops himself in both categories here.
Marvelous backgrounds — remote mountains, dense rain forests, windblown deserts, pyramids, ancient cities — were filmed in 18 countries over four years. Production design and cinematography are appropriately lush, in a spare-no-expense magazine-shoot kind of way. Eiko Ishioka's costumes deserve special mention for their witty, otherworldly and sensuously tactile qualities. They're the most inspired, original things in the movie.

The story had potential, although the real part of it boils down to the old "Wizard of Oz" trick, in which aspects of people's lives manifest in a wild, symbolic and — hopefully — enlightening fiction.

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