Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Hits the Gym

Now that she’s settled into her newfound motherhood a bit, Jennifer Lopez has put her mind to getting back in shape. And she was spotted on her way to a local gym yesterday to do just that. The “Waiting for Tonight” babe sported a maroon silkscreened hooded sweatshirt and black skin-tight Capri workout shorts as she chatted on her mobile phone on her way to a Beverly Hills workout facility.

And it’s no coincidence that J Lo is getting more fitness conscious as of late. According to reports, she’s signed on for several new acting projects, so getting back into A-list shape is of top priority.
Lopez will be starring in “The Governess,” a romantic comedy about a woman who poses as a nanny to pull off a major bank heist. She’ll also star in “Love and Other Possible Pursuits.”

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez Stepped in Dog Doo

LONG ISLAND, NY - Jennifer Lopez stepped in dog excrement this morning as she exited a Starbucks near her home, according to the local authorities. “Dispatch notified me at 0900 hours, and myself and another patrol car responded "said East Hampton Police Officer Sal Delfino. “When we arrived, Miss Lopez was visibly distressed. We assessed the situation and then summoned an ambulance.”

According to eyewitnesses, when the paramedics arrived they immediately stabilized Lopez’s foot and began to resuscitate her shoe. “It was a black suede Manolo Blahnik pump with a t-strap,” said Lila Fitz, who was also at the Starbucks buying coffee when the incident occurred. “J. Lo was was in hysterics, and I don’t blame her. She should never be subjected to the same things we regular folk do. And poop is hard to get off genuine Italian Blond calf-leather soles.”
The quick response time was apparently sufficient and the shoe is expected to make a full recovery. “Piece of cake,” Said Su-Chin Wu, the expert shoe repairer to whom the Manolo was brought. “Doo-doo old and dry. Not so stinky even.”

Lopez’s rep released the following statement: “Jennifer is understandably upset over the egregious incident that should never have happened to a celebrity of her stature. She thanks her fans and the city of East Hampton for their concern, and looks forward to a quiet evening at home with Max, Emme, and Marc.”

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Doesn't Let Twins 'Repeat' Outfits

Jennifer Lopez's babies will never wear the same thing twice. The 'Jenny From The Block' hitmaker -- known for her diva demands -- insists on dressing her five-month-old twins Max and Emme in new designer gear every day. A source reveals, "Jennifer was approached by a charity and asked to donate some dresses for a celebrity auction. She agreed and donated a gorgeous $10,000 frock.

"She also offered some of Max and Emme's clothes, telling organizers that she never lets them 'repeat' outfits.
"But the auction deals only in adult clothes. Jennifer told them it was a shame, as some items cost over $1,000 each."

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Bikini after babies: Jennifer Lopez slips back into a two-piece

She gained more than three stone while pregnant with twins Max and Emme, but less than five months later Jennifer Lopez has slipped back into a bikini. The 38-year-old singer stripped down to a string two-piece while holidaying aboard a luxury boat in Italy.

She was joined by husband Marc Anthony, who showered her with affection as she cooled off in the sea, as well as friend and fashion designer Stefano Gabbana.
After giving birth in February, Jennifer said she was in no rush to lose her baby weight, revealing she even liked to 'play with my little leftover belly.'

She slowly reintroduced a fitness regime, working out three times a week with celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.
Her program now includes 20-30 minute walks with sets of push-ups and lunges.

The couple's summer holiday marks the end of Anthony's European tour, which took in Spain, Belgium and Italy.
Jennifer, who has barely been apart from the Latin star since their marriage in 2004, joined him on the road along with their children.

When announcing his plan to make the tour a family affair, Marc said: 'When I perform... they will inspire me.'
Jennifer is expected to resume work later this week, and has already has a number of film projects lined up including the romantic comedy Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.

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