Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Don't Want To Give Obama Money

J. Lo and Marc Anthony are pulling a Diddy! These stingy celebrities are getting raked over the Obama campaign coals for wanting to party but not donate any cash.

The Valentine's Day musical break-up couple (heh) are gracing the Latino Inaugural Ball in DC on Jan. 18 with their sparkley, over-the-top presence---Marc will perform and J. Lo will speak (oh God!), but of course nothing is ever that simple.

Some Latino fundraisers are sniffing that neither donated a cent and didn't seem the least bit interested in supporting Obama until after he was elected. Marc Anthony refused to play some concert for him in Orlando and J. Lo was waiting for a personal phone call from Obama before she endorsed.

She wanted a formal invitation and then "refused" when Obama never found the time to contact her. Oh, that J. Lo. A modern day Emily Post!

Some people are totally thinking outside the box on this one and calling the couple "vile opportunists" who are "worming" their way into Obama's campaign.


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