Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jennifer Lopez Copying Hubby

The singer and new mom appeared out over the weekend looking-.skinny! It's just not fair! The woman gave birth to twins only a month ago and she appeared to have lost all of her baby weight. How can that be possible? Oh, yeah. The millions of dollars in reserve for personal trainers, a gym, exercise equipment and not to mention the nannies to care for the kids while she works out.

But I digress. Why the hurry to get so thin so fast? Can't a woman enjoy her fat body for a few weeks and pretend to live like other women in this country? Jenny from the Block would keep twenty pounds on her hips for the rest of her life if she was normal.

Is she getting pressure from her skeleton looking husband to drop the weight? If so - back off! She popped out TWO kids. Let the woman be. Go sleep and get rid of the awful circles under our eyes. Speaking of which, does he look like he aged ten years during this pregnancy or what? He has that dazed, sleep deprived look that new parents have - except he already has a bunch of kids.
Kudos to Jennifer Lopez for looking fabulous already, even if we hate you for it.

news source : http://www.pr-inside.com/

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