Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jennifer Lopez is one popular lady.

Folk are queuing up to be godparents to her and Marc Anthony's bubba (possibly bubbas)-to-be. So much so, she may even have to hold auditions among her friends for the coveted roles. J.Lo's close mate actress Leah Remini told People magazine: "Me and my husband, Angelo Pagan, have asked for an audition for godparent roles, so at the moment we are waiting to hear back.

"We need about a day to prepare though." Joking aside, it got us thinking - what kind of qualities would it take to shine in an audition for the role of godparent to a world famous pop diva's baby? Well squeamish peeps need not apply - with all those dirty nappies, being a dab hand at defecation is fairly much essential.

Similarly, fashiony types such as J.Lo's mate Roberto Cavalli can take a hike - unless of course, they're willing to donate a hefty load of clothes to mum and baby, fresh off the catwalk. Hollywood party people like Victoria Beckham might just scrape through, if they're willing to curb their limelight ways for long enough to do a spot of babysitting to give J.Lo and her man her a much-needed break.

Basically the perfect candidate'll be an understanding type whom J.Lo can chat to in a four-in-the-morning crisis (Katie Holmes, perhaps) but also someone with a bit of a wild side to take the kid off her and Marc's hands once it hits the terrible teens (think Angelina Jolie more than Courtney Love). And FIY - any singing, dancing or booty-shaking abilities won't go unnoticed.

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